Institutional Presentation

The mission of  the Network for the Conservation of Patagonian River Ecosystems (Red para la Conservación de los Ecosistemas Fluviales de la Patagonia, Red EcoFluvial): is “Promoting the conservation and sustainable management of river ecosystems in Patagonia through the generation and integration of regional knowledge and technical capacities, and the dissemination of results to administrators, stakeholders, and the general public”

The Red EcoFluvial Coordinating Node is located at CENPAT-CONICET (Puerto Madryn, Argentina). There are also three regional nodes, Neuquén, Tierra del Fuego, and Chubut, to which different institutions are associated. A river basin is associated to each of the regional nodes: Chimehuin River (Node Neuquén), Chubut River (Node Chubut), and Grande River (Node Tierra del Fuego). These river basins will serve as case studies on which proposed activities will be applied.